Application Information

The application deadline is January 15th and September is the only entry point for the program. Applications can only be made online, payable via Internet banking, telephone banking, credit card or certified cheque.   Please review the admission requirements and program details BEFORE applying. All applications are acknowledged when received.

After you apply online you will receive access to upload your required documents to the secure site provided by Graduate Studies.  Please refer to this link for application procedures:

Required documents include: all transcripts, two academic reference letters (referees receive instructions so they upload your references), an English equivalency if your first language is other than English and a 1-3 double-spaced page statement of research interest (plus a works cited page). This longer statement is in addition to the short statement you are able to submit in your online application.  We suggest that you review our faculty link to see if there is a potential advisor for your area.

The primary purpose of the statement of interest is to demonstrate your ability to perform graduate-level academic research rather than explain your personal interest in criminology or criminal justice policy. As such, it should describe a research project that you hope to complete during your time in the CCJP program. For applicants intending to write a thesis or major research paper (MRP), your statement should focus on that project. For applicants intending to pursue the course-based option, your statement should focus on research that you wish to pursue in one of your courses. Regardless of whether you are intending to take the thesis, MRP, or course-based option, the best statements will identify a CCJP-relevant issue, situate it within the relevant academic literature, and include a proposed research question and methodology.