Graduate Handbook

Welcome to the Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy (CCJP) MA program. We look forward to working with you to ensure your success in the program.

In offering you a position in the program, we are confident that you have the aptitude, skills and ambition to succeed. We will make every effort to support you in your journey through the program.

Summary of Steps for Your Graduate Program


  • Check the schedule of dates in the Graduate Calendar each semester.
  • You must register for UNIV*7510 Active Full-time Registration each semester. To activate your registration in WebAdvisor, enter the full-time code UNIV*7510, then scroll to add an open section (e.g., 03, 04).
  • Select your courses on WebAdvisor. The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has information on using WebAdvisor.

Tuition Fees

Check your account on WebAdvisor.

If you wish to pay your tuition using your GTA salary (payroll), select the Graduate Settlement option in WebAdvisor by the semester deadline.

Decision to Add or Delete Courses

Choosing Your Advisor and Advisory Committee

You must assemble your advisory committee and submit your Advisory Committee Appointment & Graduate Degree Program form by the 20th class day of your second (winter) semester to the graduate program assistant.

Thesis Proposal and Major Research Paper (MRP) Outline

Students completing an MRP or thesis should have their thesis proposal or MRP outline approved by their advisory committee and the graduate coordinator by the start of the spring semester.

A Research Proposal Approval form must be attached to the proposal or outline when it is submitted to the advisor. The graduate program assistant has proposal approval forms.

Finished Thesis

An examination request form must be completed. Your advisor and the graduate coordinator set up the final defense.

Additional thesis completion information

Finished MRP

The major research paper is accepted by your advisor. The advisor and second reader/committee member will agree on a grade for the MRP.

The advisor gives the grade to the graduate program assistant who forwards the grade to the registrar’s office for processing.

Ready to Graduate

You must check the schedule of dates in the Graduate Calendar for the last day to apply to graduate. You must also get library clearance.