Campus Work & Support Services

There are a number of facilities on campus to help you complete your work while staying connected to the departments and to your colleagues in the program. Claim what’s yours!


Visiting Student Housing Services for information about on-campus housing.

Work Space Options

While you might like working off campus, there are a number of facilities reserved especially for you on campus:

Blackwood Hall

You can request access to study rooms in Blackwood Hall, email the graduate program assistant for details.

Library Carrels

In September, you can apply for a carrel in McLaughlin Library which you may share with another graduate student. This carrel provides you with desk space and a convenient locker for books. Apply for a carrel.

Library Offices

You can also apply for an office in the library. Each graduate student is entitled to an office for one, six-week period. If you are a registered student during the May-August term, this is the best time to obtain an office. You will likely have the office for this entire term.

Many students pursue this workspace option when they are researching and writing their major research paper or thesis. Offices are single occupancy. Apply for an office.

Open Workspace

The basement of the library, where the government documents are located, is a great place to study as it is both spacious and quiet.

Departmental Communication


You will be assigned a mailbox in MacKinnon 522 (the photocopier room). Check this mail box regularly for paper mail.


You will also be assigned a Guelph e-mail account and password. Your email address is the University's primary source of communication with you. Please make sure to check your email on a regular basis.

Your email username and password will give you access to Courselink, electronic journals through the library and other electronic services.

Computer Access & Assistance

Library Computers and Laptops

While in the library, students may use the many desktops (availability is usually best in the basement). Students can also use University of Guelph laptops available through the reserve desk in the McLaughlin Library.

If you have your own laptop with a wireless connection, you can access the internet on your own computer from within the library and most buildings on campus.

Learning Commons

Located in the back left of the first floor of the library, the Learning Commons offers a range of workshops, pamphlets and other services.

Computing and Communication Services

CCS provides a wide range of micro-based and main-frame statistical, word-processing and other computer applications. The CCS IT Help Centre is located in Johnston Hall, Room 033. The helpline is: 519-824-4120, ext. 58888.

Computer Services within the Department

You can also obtain computing and statistical consulting from our departmental computer coordinator, located in MacKinnon, Room 631.

Research Assistance

Excelling as a graduate student requires that you expand and refine your research skills.


Librarians are experts in research methods and strategies for accessing materials and are essential in your research skill development. Please make a point of utilizing the librarians at the reference desk in the library when becoming familiar with the University of Guelph library system. In addition, programs are assigned an information specialist, including a librarian specifically for Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy.

For further details on library services and resources for graduate students, see the GSLI (Graduate Student Learning Initiative). The GSLI is a collaborative endeavour that brings together key campus services that support academic and professional skill development for graduate students as learners, instructors, researchers and professionals.

The GSLI website has been designed to make services and resources for graduate students that are available across campus easily accessible in one location. Explore our site and take advantage of all that is available to you as a graduate student at Guelph.

Electronic Journals

The University of Guelph subscribes to an impressive variety of services that allows you to access a tremendous number of e-journals. A special procedure is required to connect to these services off campus.

Open Learning and Educational Support

Visit the OpenEd website for teaching and learning support services.

Career Services

Visit the Co-op & Career Services website for help with career services and job hunting.

Services for Work and Leisure Balance

There is a graduate lounge located in the University Centre that serves food and drinks at reasonable prices. In addition, there are athletic facilities, health and counseling services and daycare services available. We encourage you to take full advantage of these resources.

Occasionally, the Department of Political Science and the Department of Sociology & Anthropology have social gatherings for graduate students and faculty and there are a number of informal gatherings of graduate students throughout the year. These are great opportunities to get to know other students and faculty better.