Getting Started & Registration

The "Who's Who" of the Graduate Student Program

Graduate Program Assistant

The graduate program assistant is the daily link between students and the program. S/he can advise on most administrative issues relating to matters such as course additions/deletions, deadlines, and leaves of absence.

Graduate Coordinator

The graduate coordinator is the academic head of the graduate program. S/he is responsible for approving your course selections for each semester and can give permission to substitute courses if appropriate. The graduate coordinator also approves advisory committees.

When students have successfully completed their thesis or major research paper proposals, the graduate coordinator must approve them. The graduate coordinator is also responsible for organizing MA thesis defences.

Graduate Committee

The graduate committee consists of the coordinator and two other faculty members, plus two students elected by the body of graduate students. The committee reads all MA application forms and selects those who will be offered a place in the program (the students do not participate in the selection process).

The committee considers course changes and changes to the structure of the program. Students should feel free to approach any member of the graduate committee for advice.

Graduate Representatives

The graduate representatives are elected in September by the graduate students. They attend and vote at all meetings of the graduate committee, except for meetings or portions of meetings in which specific graduate students are discussed. If asked to do so by a student, the graduate representatives also act as spokespeople in the case of student grievances or student-professor conflicts.

The Department Chairs

The department chairs are the heads of both the academic and administrative units of the Department of Political Science and the Department of Sociology & Anthropology. They have ultimate responsibility for the graduate program and for ensuring that the program conforms to the rules established by the University senate.

When You Arrive

When you arrive, you should report to the graduate program assistant who will assist you with your first semester registration. Registration takes place through WebAdvisor. Please check the schedule of dates on the web to find out when registration and payment of fees is required:

Activating Registration

To activate your registration for each semester, you must use the following code: UNIV*7510 Active Full-time Registration. The code remains the same each semester. You may need to scroll around to locate an open section (for example: UNIV*7510, 04). You must register for at least one course.

If you are writing a Thesis or MRP and have completed your courses, please register for UNIV*7500 Thesis/Research Writing or CCJP*6660 Major Research Paper. You are allowed to register your courses until the end of the “add” period. Please take note of the last date to do so (on the web).

Tuition and Payment of Fees

Shortly after you have completed your registration, you will be able to view your account on WebAdvisor. On the WebAdvisor site from Student Financial Services, check for announcements pertaining to the requirements and deadlines for fee payment for the next semester. Along with your tuition, you must complete the Authorization for Settlement on WebAdvisor.

There are several options for fee payment: debit, certified cheque, money order, or internet/telephone banking and wire transfer. Personal cheques and cash are not accepted. Again, check the schedule of dates on the web.

The fee schedule is found on WebAdvisor as well as an online Authorization for Settlement form. Settlement must be completed and submitted electronically to Student Financial Services by the deadline date. The late fee is $60.00.